sábado, 11 de octubre de 2008


One of the most impressive records of this colossus is that this is the structure of reinforced concrete highest in the world, surpassing the CN Tower in Toronto, who was with 447 meters to date the mark to beat. Currently is pumping concrete over 530m and is expected to reach close to 590 meters.

A structure of these features needed for its construction of certain considerations: Comfort and safety from wind action, which under the related studies in the wind tunnel to the tower that is resistant to strong winds prevailing in the area, with no vibrations and oscillations are noticeable by their occupants.

The floor of the tallest buildings in three arms gives greater momentum to carry those burdens. Security against fire and speed of the evacuation. The calculations are made for an occupation of 35,000 people (although that number is probably half).

The stairs are protected by concrete and there is an elevator with a load capacity of 5500kg for firefighters and service personnel of the building. The occupants do not have to walk down the 160-story, as there are 25 plants each area (pressurized) refuge with air conditioning.

Different types of concrete, made with various mixtures of additives, for better resistance to heat, moisture or breakage. Some special additives have been used to allow the pumping of concrete more than 500 meters without disturbed to see their properties during this transportation.

The concrete used is the equivalent of a bucket of 61 meters sideways The dimensions of the foundation speak for themselves, thickness of more than 8 plants